Terra Motors Vietnam

Chief Accountant (Vietnam)

March 2016 Join

Why you joined Terra?

I have worked at Terra more than 2 years. I learned how to work with figure from my Japanese manager at that time. Although I was trained to understand the meaning of figure, but when I work in Terra I really learned how to make decisions based on numbers. In addition the working environment in Terra is always a motivation for self-development. I also received the valuation from company.

Your working Philosophy

Working Philosophy : Work for my self and for social My motivation to Terra: I hope and believe that Terra will get success in Vietnam and Asia country also I work hard because I believe only work hard I can get good result.
Dream: Everyday can work with energy and motivation, have nice time with my family.

What are your future visions?

I see Asia is big potential market for E-bike. Terra with vision is make green environment for social will get long time success.