Shailesh GOENKA

Fair Auto Group(exclusive dealer in Nepal)

Director (Nepal)

March 2014 Join

Why you joined Terra?

Its a Japanese company working in Electric Vehicle which is the future. We have always been associated with Japanese companies and re very comfortable working with them.

Your working Philosophy

My philosophy is to make a difference. Motivation is to make Terra a household name. The time is just right for electric vehicle and we are the pioneer in Nepal. All our hard work will be paid off when the market for Ev would boom and eventually it would.

What are your future visions?

Terra is growing and when the industry for EV grows, it will boom. We plan to become no1 in two wheeler because eventually the market is going to change and ev will dominate where we would benefit the most because no other ev company are doing activities we are doing. We already have no1 brand name is ev in Nepal and when the demand grows, we will benefit more then anyone.